Tricky Test Answers: Ek School Me 3 Dost The Hindi English Math

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Tricky Test Answers Ek School Me 3 Dost The Hindi English Math
They tricky puzzle: Ek School Me 3 Dost The Hindi English Math



Ek School Me Teen Dost Rahte The

Unka Naam Tha !




whe Ek Din Bahar Goomne Gaye Achanak Unka Eksidendt Ho Gaya To

1.Hindi. Ne kaha Madadth Karo Madadth Karo.

2.English. Ne kaha Help Me Help Me.

3. To Batao Maths Ne kya Kaha Hoga….?

i am Waiting your answer for comment box…

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  1. Please send me ans

      1. please my brother tell your answer i waiting thanks

  2. 108-ambulance code

  3. 7 2 7 2 ans. H

  4. Accident Math Ka Huaa Hai Esliye wo kuch nahin bolega

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